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With less mess, in days not weeks, and
for thousands less than a traditional
“tear everything out” remodel.



Our Proposals are itemized...

…not one big price. This way you can pick and choose your options based on your budget. Janice chose “E” all of the above. Here are her options.

A Classic Grey Shaker Door with Brushed Gold Handles
with a Sink Faucet to match.

Solid Surface Countertop Quartz “Viatera” with very subtle grey veining.

A single basin Granite sink replacing the double bin.

Granite sinks are extremely durable and scratch resistant.  They come in a dozen colors to accent or match your countertop.

The microwave/exhaust fan was replaced with a chimney style exhaust hood.  Adding style, character, improving the exhaust, and increasing countertop space. The microwave is now in the lower left cabinet.

A Waterfall edge on the end of the peninsula (a countertop that “falls” to the floor on the end of a peninsula). This is the first thing you see as you enter Janice’s kitchen from the hallway.

Three panels on the back of the peninsula. One is a functional door the other two are false panels adding style to the back of a boring peninsula.

The 80’s ceiling light box was removed and replaced with LED recess Lights surrounded by crown molding.

A stacked blue texture tile with an accent tile to the ceiling.


Bill and Kathy before


Builder Grade Pine or Oak Cabinets... time to go

For this large Windsor kitchen, refaceing was a perfect solution. The layout was just fine so there was no reason to tear anything out. Bill and Kathy just wanted a more current feel to their kitchen. What also made refacing a great option was that they had already installed a new countertop and floor. We regularly work around the existing upgrades without a problem.



Even Custom Kitchens can become dated...

Kristen and Al purchased a beautiful architecturally designed home which included a high end custom designed kitchen.  Tearing this out would have been extremely costly. Replacing the oak doors allowed the kitchen to become current and fresh with this new doors style.



Classic White is ready for every season...

If you purchased a home in a residential development you probably have the standard builder grade cabinets, as did Jeannie and Jim. By choosing an off white cabinet color Jeannie is able to go all out with her seasonal decorations and the color scheme never clashes. We also installed a white simulated marble countertop.  For easier access we changed all lower drawers into pullouts. Crown molding is regular addition outside the scope of our kitchen projects, we installed a large 7” crown molding to accent their ten foot ceilings.



A Current Kitchen just feels better...

Julie and Manny love to cook and spend a lot of time in their kitchen. They wanted a more current look that made the room feel better.  The easier acces to all the pots and pans was an unexpected bonus. The lower doors in front of cooktop were converted to two large drawers.  The upper panel was converted into a drawer for storing spatulas and other cooking utensils. These two large drawers in front of the cooktop and the addition of the top drawer are a regular feature in our kitchen projects.



Refacing is not all about the doors...

With plenty of good cabinets to reface, a little rearranging, and a few custom cabinets Robin went from facing the neighbors house ten feet away from the sink to looking out over her rose garden. Doing dished became a daily pleasure. 

We removed a post and a half wall.  We relocated the sink; it was an easy move but a dramatic change. We refaced existing cabinets and added a couple new ones to pull it all together. This kitchen is a great example that refacing is not all about the doors.



As simple as a color and a new door style...

Heather and Dave’s house in San Anselmo and was built in the 1940s as a getaway summer home from San Francisco. The cabinets were in rock solid condition and the kitchen was well lite with its corner windows. All that was needed was an updated color and door style. We also installed a garbage pull out and added a quartz marble countertop (because real marble in a kitchen stains much too easily). In the left hand top corner of picture is the original wine rack made of clay tiles. Another benefit of refacing is the ability to keep original elements in place.



3 contractors then a transformed Kitchen...

David and Karin’s story begins before we even started.  Like myself Dave has been in the trades for years so he knows all the tricks and games contractors can play.

Here’s what they shared with me. The first contractor they contacted quoted them an extremely high price.  Much more than they wanted or needed to spend. Dave knows contractor pricing and that one was out of the ballpark.  The second contractor would only do the work according to his design plan.  He had lots of ideas, all his ideas; not very accommodating.  And then it was my turn for our first visit together.

From the minute we met I could tell I was being grilled. I listened. I listened to Karin’s ideas. I listened to Dave’s ideas.  hen I merged them together and presented a detailed itemized proposal a few days later. After a couple revisions of price and work it was accepted and Dave put his guard down. We worked together quite well with adjustments and alterations along the way. Daily progress and daily communication was also reassuring to Karin.

This kitchen is another example of part reface, part remodel and a few custom cabinets. We relocated the peninsula that was cutting the room in half. We built new cabinets to fit under the window for Karin’s baking station. And we built a long island to keep Dave on his side of the kitchen.

The unique pendent lights are called farm lights which matched Karin’s other dream, her farm sink. Next to the sink is a hidden garbage pull out and the under cabinet lighting highlights the marble subway tile.



A dramatic visual upgrade...

Audrey has a rather large kitchen. The dark 1970’s cabinet doors were painted white some 15 years ago. Then it was an update. Now the paint is faded and yellowing. The cabinet boxes were made with strong rigid plywood. That’s not how they make them today. The countertops were in good shape and the tile floor was only three years old. It was all about the doors; a perfect scenario for refacing. A complete remodel was out of the question for a number of reasons, the biggest being cost.

Audrey chose a white door with a detailed raised molding. The lower cabinet doors were all converted to full extension pull out drawers. From the deep recesses of the lower cabinets we found kitchen items they hadn’t seen in years. Lower cabinet conversion is almost a standard on cabinet refacing. Nobody wants to kneel on the floor to reach in back.

The crown jewel to this project was the lighted display cabinets. Glass shelves allowed the light to filter through to the bottom shelves. Not a cheap upgrade but a dramatic bang for the buck.



Every kitchens dream, hide the garbage...

The trash and recycle bins are hidden and behind a pull-out door front. Carol sacrificed a couple junk drawers but the lack of a visible garbage can was well worth it. “I love my new kitchen. You would never know this is a reface. It looks like brand new custom cabinetry.”

An easy reach also increases storage space…

Sometimes you don’t need a remodel or reface, or even need a makeover. Maybe you just want to be able to reach the back of the pantry cabinet. As one homeowner put it, “I was tired of stretching to the back of the cabinet for my canned goods.” The answer is simple and makes all the difference. We can install full extension pull out shelves so the items in the back of your cabinet are easily within reach.


Borell Upper Before










Ed J. Roualdes Contractor

The Details

I am a California State Licensed General Building Contractor. I have been working with homeowners since I was a teenager. I spent many years remodeling bathrooms and kitchens and performing a wide range of home improvements. My focus now is strictly kitchen cabinet refacing. My versatility and experience in carpentry, painting, electrical, plumbing, and tile will make your project zip along to completion.

I have always provided extensive information and references. My respect for a homeowners property started early in my career. I consider it a pretty big deal when you let someone into your home, allow them to tear it apart, hoping they know how to properly put it back together, as you pay them along the way.

To me, That’s a Big Deal!

Here is a quick summary on the budget ranges for remodeling your kitchen. 

There are 3 ways:

  • Painting – least expensive
  • Cabinet Refacing – mid range
  • Traditional Remodel – most expensive

Painting: With painting you keep the same doors, pick a color, and maybe change the knobs or handles. Painting kitchen cabinets has a range of $4,000 to $9,000.  Pricing depends on labor cost and the size of your kitchen.

Traditional Remodel:  A ”tear everything out” remodel with labor and a complete set of well made cabinets starts at $45,000. Cheap cabinets will cost less.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: This is our specialty. We don’t tear out and we don’t paint. 

We remove your existing doors and replace them with a more current, stylish, well made door in either classic white, a color of your choice, or wood.

The new hinges are concealed.  We then make the cabinet box and framework to match the new doors. When completed you have brand new cabinets.

The budget for refacing starts at $17,000.  The pricing is based on the size of your kitchen and the type and style of door you choose.

With refacing there are also a number of options. 

The most popular is new drawers with full extension and soft close glides.

We also convert lower cabinets to easy access drawers, add pullouts, install under cabinet lighting, tile backsplashes, display cabinets, and recessed ceiling lighting.

All options are individually priced for you to pick and choose.

Solid Surface Quartz Countertops: We also install Quart countertops. 

Countertops will cost you the same price whether you “tear out” remodel or reface. 

Price is based on square footage, color selection and labor.7

My home and shop are in Petaluma, which makes East and West Petaluma my primary service area. From there I travel north to Cotati, Rohnert Part, Santa Rosa, Windsor and Healdsburg.  Who doesn’t enjoy traveling north through Sonoma County with its beautiful countryside?

North Sonoma County is a much easier commute than South Marin, but I have clients both places. I service Novato and usually don’t travel much further south than Terra Linda. I was born and raised in Terra Linda, so many homeowners still call on me from there.

I like a small service area so I can address any needs that may arise after completion.

  • You can expect your call returned
  • I will arrive to appointments on time
  • You will get a detailed written estimate
  • Communication every day during your project
  • Your project will be finished to your complete satisfaction in a timely manner with no surprises

I have many satisfied homeowners because I take one project at a time and personally work on it from estimate to completion.

The secret to my success is pretty simple… I complete one project at a time, Yours! And I do it to your complete satisfaction before I move on to the next one. You will have my full attention until your project is complete. I want you to be so happy with your new home improvement that you pass my name on to your friends.

…and then I’ll do it all over again.

There’s a reason why I was *Diamond Certified in 2012. After calling 150 homeowners, my company rating of 99.81 out of 100 was one of the highest in the history of Diamond Certified.

*Full Disclosure…I am no longer Diamond Certified. I joined to increase business by making my phone ring. It did nothing to increase business. At over $700 per month it was much too expensive for me to continue.

If we’ve never worked together before, here is some information about myself to help you decide on choosing me as your contractor. This is excellent reading for those having trouble falling asleep.

Not every project is a good fit for my services.
I will speak up and refer you to the best company I know.

Every project starts with a written detailed proposal.
Because all my proposals are detailed and customized for your project, it usually takes me a couple days to get a proposal back to you.

The proposed price is the final price.
Once a project starts that quoted price is set in stone. Unforeseen conditions behind walls, like hidden water damage, will be quoted before corrective work is done. Unforeseen problems are rare with the proper preparation. Only additional work requested by you will change that. Additional work requested will be priced ahead of time and approved by you before started.

Projects are accepted on a first come first serve basis.
A simple phone call puts you on my calendar and locks you next in place. The proposal will be signed later. A standard time frame for a start date can be one month to three months out depending on my current projects.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, we will go over all the details so the completed project is just what you want.

Taking months or even a year to plan a project is not uncommon.
More than once I have receive a call a year later. “Hi Ed, We’re ready to go. We have made most of our selections. When can you start?” Selecting flooring, cabinets, counter-tops, fixtures, flooring and all the appropriate items takes time. I will work with you during this preparation time. These days much of shopping and searching is done through the Internet. Questions by email or phone calls to me are readily accepted.

We complete one project at a time.
Your project will progress on consecutive days until completed.

Your project will progress on consecutive days until completed.

Together you and I will choose the appropriate morning start time.
Usually start work at 8 or 8:30 am and depending on the day I work until 4 or 5 pm.

I will communicate with you every step of the way.
There will be no surprises.

All areas of your home will be treated with respect while working.
Your kitchen will be left in usable condition every evening. Cutting & sanding will be done outside when possible. All furniture and floors will be covered with clean plastic or drop clothes. All debris will be hauled away.

Progress Payments are in proportion to labor performed and materials purchased. A project is completed when every spec of paint is touched up and the fixtures shine. Only then is the final payment due.

Please make me aware of any special requirements or standards you have for your home!

1. Check on their license with the state board. It is actually illegal to contract any project over $600 without a license.
2. Check on liability insurance. Your personal homeowners insurance is not the contractor’s insurance.
3. Check references. What’s their track record?
4. Get the project in writing with all the details.
5. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL IF YOU SKIP THE REST. Never make the last payment until every last detail is completed to your satisfaction. Get everything completed before you give up that last check or you become powerless.

Here is mine.

California State Contractors License Status

Please note that Ed J. Roualdes contractor’s license number is #414807. Ed J. Roualdes is licensed as a General Building Contractor and as a Painting Contractor. To check on any Contractors license with the State Contract or License Board call 1-800-321-2752.

General Liability Insurance

Our General Liability insurance policy is carried with Members Edge Insurance, Robert Skinner, 1101 Investment Blvd. #110, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 – 800-536-5832

Contractor Bond Agent

My contractor bond agent is SureTec Insurnace Company, 1330 Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 100, Houston TX, 77056. Phone # 916-363-2663

Worker’s Compensation

I do not carry workers compensation because I do not have or use employees. All work performed on your residence will be done by myself or by other licensed contractors with liability insurance.

Ed J Roualdes Contractor
General Contractor License # 414807


Text: 707-695-5353

You'll have my personal attention from estimate to completion. And yes I work on the projects myself.

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