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We continue performing projects following appropriate public safety health measures. We wear a mask on all appointments and during our work. We also sanitize work surfaces at the end of each day. Your health and safety is our top priority.

Thousands less than a remodel

Each with a unique story...

With less mess, in days not weeks, and for thousands less than a “tear everything out” remodel.

3 Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen

Cabinet Painting, Cabinet Refacing and Complete Remodel

Our new cabinets are just perfect. It makes the whole bathroom look updated and pulled together. Plus your workmanship is A-1. You would never know they are refaced instead of new.

Sue Coleman
Satisfied customer
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Call or Text: 707-695-5353 - Email: [email protected]

Borell Upper Kitchen after

Borell Upper Kitchen

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Lynn after


Garbage after


Christin and Terry after

Christin and Terry

Blake and Katherine after

Blake and Katherine

Audrey and Ed after

Audrey and Ed

Kelly and Tracey after

Kelly and Tracey

Anne and Pat after

Anne and Pat

David and Karen Cont'd after

David and Karen Cont’d

David and Karin after

David and Karin

Heather and Dave after

Heather and Dave

Robin after


Brian and Cindi after

Brian and Cindi

Julie and Mannie after

Julie and Mannie

Jeannie and Jim after

Jeannie and Jim


Bill and Kathy after

Bill and Kathy

Jason and Kristin after

Jason and Kristin

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