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A dramatic visual upgrade...

Audrey has a rather large kitchen. The dark 1970’s cabinet doors were painted white some 15 years ago. Then it was an update. Now the paint is faded and yellowing. The cabinet boxes were made with strong rigid plywood. That’s not how they make them today. The countertops were in good shape and the tile floor was only three years old. It was all about the doors; a perfect scenario for refacing. A complete remodel was out of the question for a number of reasons, the biggest being cost.

Audrey chose a white door with a detailed raised molding. The lower cabinet doors were all converted to full extension pull out drawers. From the deep recesses of the lower cabinets we found kitchen items they hadn’t seen in years. Lower cabinet conversion is almost a standard on cabinet refacing. Nobody wants to kneel on the floor to reach in back.

The crown jewel to this project was the lighted display cabinets. Glass shelves allowed the light to filter through to the bottom shelves. Not a cheap upgrade but a dramatic bang for the buck.


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