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The rustic feel of Italy...

This is the standard criteria for a kitchen refacing versus a remodel. A kitchen with a good floor plan that works, well-built cabinets, and doors that are old, ugly and dated.

Christina & Carl had such a kitchen. Chipped and broken doors were original to the 1960’s home. Laminate framed in oak. Hey! …no laughing it was the look of the day. And let’s not forget those highly visible ugly brass hinges. The lower cabinets were only accessible on ones hands and knees. The garden window was a nice addition years ago but it had become an eye sore with the Formica countertop.

With the reface we installed a crisp white raised panel doors with concealed hinges. Large lower drawers were added replacing the doors beneath the stove. Pots and pans were now easily accessible.

With the savings they added a taller garden window that extended from the countertop. It made the kitchen feel so much bigger.

A hand crafted copper sink with matching copper faucet was the rustic feel they wanted to bring home from traveling through Italy. The smooth Silestone countertop is now the perfect clean surface for preparing food.

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